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Club News

Goldbond Results Week 15

7 May 2015

Play the Goldbond Lottery!

To join, give us a ring on 0844 826 1907 (option 3) and we'll arrange for a collector to call at your house, or we'll set up a standing order. 

You'll get 14 chances to win one of our 43 cash prizes each week. 

This week's results… 

Jackpot accumulator WON – congratulations to Mrs I Heywood of Middleton, who started the week £500 richer!

Mrs Y Thorp, Heywood
Clair Pickles, c/o Brown Cow
Mrs Sandilands, Rooley Moor
Mr J Seed, Greave
Mrs K Kelly, Norden
Robert Turner, Whitworth
Mr K Watson, Greave
Mr C Mayberry, c/o Agent
Mr Chris Windley, Whitworth
Joanne Ward, Whitworth
Mrs P Haynes, Alkrington
Mr G Howarth, Kirkholt
Mrs S Kiernan, Wardle
P Parkinson, c/o Post Office
Susan Nuttall, Bacup
Mrs M Wild, Castleton
D Bellenger, Rochdale
Caroline Tinsley, Marland
Stacey Harrop, c/o Agent
Mr J Thompson, Whitworth
M Lawlor, Middleton
Mr R Wood, Hollins
Mr P Royle
Mrs D Ellidge, Newhey
Mrs Hobson, Milnrow
Lucas Walsh, Littleborough
J Crowther, Heywood
Kath Kerruish, Norden
David Reby, Stacksteads
Mr C Ligman, Alderbank
Mrs Diane Dungworth, Whitworth
Mr Steven Moran, Smithybridge
Mr T Clelland, Rochdale
Declan Harrison, Hurstead
Mr J.P. Tomlinson, Bamford
Mr L Dean, Whitworth
Mr G Pickup, Caldershaw
Miss S Fletcher, Milnrow
Anthony Armstrong, Heywood
Michelle Wilkinson, Spotland
Jimmy Greenwood, Castleton
Dave Travis, c/o Bridge l’th Alley
Agents Bonus Draw
Daz Whitlow (Newbold), Kath Campbell (Castleton) 


Rochdale FC Development Association.    

Registered with the Gambling Commission   
Licence No: 000-004777-N-3072128-002.   
Please gamble responsibly. No under 16s.

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