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Club News

Richard Knight's Open Letter

12 January 2023

Club News

Richard Knight's Open Letter

12 January 2023

Ahead of the Prostate Cancer Testing Day at the Crown Oil Arena on Saturday, director Richard Knight has penned the following open letter…

Click HERE for full information on Saturday’s testing event, including how to book your test slot.


I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer some eight years ago, at the age of 57.

Although the indicators were that it was at a very early stage, I took the decision to have it removed before it developed into something more serious.

Was I scared? Of course I was. Whilst it was cancer with a little ‘c’, it was still cancer.

I would urge men over the age of 50 to take the test. The alternative to not finding out is too grave.

The thought of it may be too embarrassing for men. Males are not generally comfortable talking about these things.

But more embarrassing would be not taking the test, then finding out later that you have prostate cancer, having had the chance to take the test and not done so.

Are the solutions easy? Of course not. But should you have a positive diagnosis, there are different ways to deal with it.

Your GP will be able to advise, or Prostate Cancer UK have a fantastic website with plenty of advice HERE.

I will tell you what’s not easy though. Telling your family you have prostate cancer but chose not to take a test.

Are the options for treatment tough? Well, in my case, ‘reasonably so’.

I opted for keyhole surgery to have mine removed. I was under the knife for circa four hours and ‘out of it’ for six.

That was on a Saturday afternoon, so I was surprised when the surgeon asked me on the Monday if I wanted to go home. Too bloody right I did!

And I was back at work within four weeks. It was too early according to my surgeon, but I was determined to beat it and that it wouldn’t beat me.

I know friends who have opted for chemotherapy as a treatment with similar success.

But I will tell you what is tough. Your loved ones having to visit a place to remember you, because you were too pig-headed to take the test.

Have I recovered? My answer would be 100% yes. I have the odd side effect which I have to manage, but nothing that doesn’t let me lead a full life (and I mean full!).

In conclusion, I urge all male Dale fans over 50 to book in for the test this Saturday.

Don’t be stupid and let your masculine pride get in the way, because I tell you what, there are plenty of proud men not here to tell the tale.

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