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15 May 2017

Club News


15 May 2017

TVOS Recap: Ask Peter V...

During the 2016-17 season, we asked supporters to send in questions for players/ Manager Keith Hill for our matchday programme feature 'Ask'. Every player (and Keith Hill) appeared in our 'Ask' feature during the course of the campaign, and over we'll be picking some of our favourite Q&As to recap. 

On Thursday, we started with the Gaffer's. You can read his here > Niall Canavan was the focus on Friday and you can read his feature here >

Today, it's the turn of Peter Vincenti... 

You’ve made over 150 appearances for Rochdale, what has been your best moment so far? 
My time at Rochdale has been really successful so I’ve got a few to look back on. If I was to choose an individual game or games, then the two that stick out in my mind are the FA Cup ties against Leeds United and Nottingham Forest.

My wife’s from Leeds and all of her family are Leeds fans so there was a connection there for me. Looking back on the Nottingham Forest game, it was great to knock them out of the competition too, given that we had so many of the youth team lads making their debut that day. 

But ultimately, when I look back at my time at the club, it’s the promotion season. We made some great memories during that season. To play the football that we did and to get promoted in the manner we did was special. 

I’m still trying to make memories so hopefully we’ll continue to be successful and there will be more to look back on in the future. 

The best goal you’ve scored to date?
Definitely the goal I scored against Newport during the 2013-14 season. There’s always something nice about scoring a goal that goes in off the post or the bar.

You started playing professional football relatively late. How did the move to Millwall, your first professional club, come about?
I started playing professional football after finishing university. After finishing uni, I was ready to take a job and I was all set to move to Dublin to work for the Anglo Irish Bank in the treasury department but then I got a trial with Millwall. That trial turned in to two weeks and then I got my first contract. I didn’t make a professional appearance for them, but that was my first professional club at the age of 21. 

When you’re a kid, I think the majority of young boys would say that their dream is to be a professional footballer and mine was no different. But as I got older, I didn’t really think that I had missed my chance or it was never going to happen. It sort of just filtered away without me really thinking about it and that’s probably because coming from the Channel Islands, you’re not at professional clubs and you’re not at Academies. It was just something that happened and I was fortunate that someone recognised something and I ended up with a professional contract.  

What do you see yourself doing after football?
I don’t really know what I’ll do when my playing career is over but I’m preparing myself as best as I can. I’m doing my coaching badges at the moment and I can see myself staying in football, whether that be coaching or in a different environment.  

I’m really enjoying doing my coaching the sessions – it’s something I’ve wanted to do and something I’ll carry on doing. I’ve gone down the FA route of doing the level two, then the B licence and the next step is to do my A licence. 

Who is the best player you’ve played with?
I could say a lot of the Rochdale lads, but to choose one, I’d say Scott Hogan. He did some incredible things, not just in games, but in training as well. He’s obviously gone on to get a good move to Brentford and then again to Aston Villa, which is great for him. 

Who was your favourite player when growing up?
When I was kid David Beckham was a player who was always in the news and I liked him when he was playing for United, but as I grew older, Kaka became my favourite player. I saw him play live and he was just a class above everybody else – he was outstanding. 

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
If I was put on the spot and had to choose one, then I’d choose Ronaldo, but I don’t really like having to choose one or the other. You can’t really differentiate between the two players because they are two of the best players of all time. It’s really difficult trying to choose one or the other – I enjoy watching them both. 

Do you ever go round the house singing ‘Oh, Peter Vincenti’, like we, the fans, do?
I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I don’t go around singing it and never have done, but I do like it. I also like the other song that the fans used to sing – the ‘Up all night for Vincenti’ one. 

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