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Club News

Goldbond Results Week 9

23 March 2015

Play the Goldbond Lottery! 

To join, give us a ring on 0844 826 1907 (option 3) and we’ll arrange for a collector to call at your house, or we’ll set up a standing order. You can also sign up online by clicking HERE. You’ll get 14 chances to win one of our 43 cash prizes each week. 


Jackpot accumulator NOT WON – it rolls over to £1,750 next week!

Miss A Truesdale, c/o Heywood Market
J Fahey, Wardle
T Oswick, Heywood
Mr Hughes, Alkrington
Mrs D Maxwell, Wardle
Mrs M Whelan, Kirkholt
Mrs R Kershaw, Rochdale
Mr D.A. Street, Heywood
A Nicholson, Rochdale
J Martin, Queensway
Mr O’Brien, Rochdale
Mr G Grove, Norden
D Pearson, Castleton
T Walsh, Rochdale
Mrs D Strange, Chadderton
M Baxter, Shawclough
T Cryer, Burdett Avenue
R Subachus, Middleton
C Wood, The Country Kitchen, Heywood
Mr Hardman,  Heywood
Mrs Barber, Alkrington
J Griffin, Alkrington
Mrs V Booth, Heywood
J Fryer, Rochdale
Mrs J Wrigley, Heywood
S Cohen, Bamford
Mrs Ravenscroft, Middleton
M Ovari, The Cray, Milnrow
Mrs B Smith, Rochdale
N Boothman, Norden
R Hayes, Caldershaw
B Marshall, Shawforth
N Templeton, Bacup
Mr P Bell, Heywood
M Cryer, Castleton
J Rafferty , RAFC
Mrs M McKewan, Bellshill Crescent
Mr Greenwood, Shawclough
C Newsham, Scarr Drive
Mrs C Dean, Littleborough
S Howell, Milnrow
Mrs Proctor, Newhey
Match Ticket Winners
Mrs M Pickles, Rochdale
B Haworth, Castleton
C Daley, Slattocks
Miss M Tudhope, Rochdale
C Symingtpn, Holborn Street
Agents Prize
R Boardman (Littleborough), E Darlington (Middleton) 


Rochdale FC Development Association.    

Registered with The Gambling Commission,   
Licence No: 000-004777-N-3072128-002.   
Please gamble responsibly. No under 16s.

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