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Youth Team: Groeten uit Holland!

28 July 2015

Day One In Holland...

The varied assault teams from Rochdale AFC successfully infiltrated the Dutch border at their selected insertion points. The main assault group commanded by Captain Rick (Mainwaring) Ashcroft ably assisted by Sgt Chris (Lofty) Brown arrived in Amsterdam, made contact with LFE and proceeded to Sint Michelsgestel without problem. Specialist team Tartan, namely Alistair (Demic) Linden and Danny (Boy) Edwards arrived in Eindhoven on time and quickly navigated their way to de Ruwenberg using Dutch public transport, which by the way is wonderful! Lone Ranger Team, Aaron (Tonto) Morley flew solo and was met by Agent Jolley and delivered safely at the rendezvous 18.30 local time.

NCO’s quickly organised the teams kit. Lofty Brown spending an inordinate amount of time ensuring the swivel chairs in the briefing room not only were in colour order but all faced the same way. Under the supervision of Cpl Callum (Chesty) Roberts the team were introduced to an unedifying demonstration of how to use a sponge roller which quite frankly to the uninitiated could have been construed as slightly provocative!

After dinner the team embarked on a recce of the vicinity blending seamlessly with local by adopting bicycles for transport as a disguise. Problems have become apparent in some of the specialist support teams. Cpl Adam (Squiffy) Brown has already failed to use the shower successfully by soaking himself fully dressed. He also seems to have problems coordinating his limbs as his bike riding leaves a lot to be desired. Another raiding squad, Team Carlisle have seemingly arrived without balls, soccer not courage! 

Tomorrow the work begins in earnest as we venture forth to attack the Netherlands countryside and display what football is like Rochdale style.

Vaarwel en goedenacht!

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