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Club News

Goldbond Results - Week 26

23 July 2015

To join, give us a ring on 0844 826 1907 (option 3) and we'll arrange for a collector to call at your house, or we'll set up a standing order. You can also join online HERE.

You'll get 14 chances to win one of our 43 cash prizes each week. 

This week's winners...

Jackpot accumulator NOT WON – the jackpot rolls over to £500 next week…

Jean Perrins, Rochdale
Mrs B Kernick, Littleborough
Mr Jamil Arain, Rooley Moor
Mrs S Whittle, Shaftsbury Drive
Colin Whitworth, Kirkholt
Steve Water, Castleton
Mrs Lake, Wardle
Gavin Edwards, Turnpike Close
Kathleen Steele, Littleborough
Mr E Whitworth, Rochdale
Mr N Blood, Norden
Janette Canale, Rooley Moor
Mrs Stones, Langley
Michael Price, Rochdale
Mrs C Hancock, Littleborough
Mr T Garnett, Spotland
Angela Grant, c/o Agent
Mr Tattersall, Rawtenstall
Mrs L Brelsforth, Smithbridge
Mr M Fern, Littleborough
Susan Curzun, Rochdale
Mrs S Guild, Heywood
Mr D Rushton, Milnrow
Mrs B Dowd, Rhodes
Christine Pealin, Middleton
Mrs J Dearden, Middleton
Mrs Hughes, Castleton
Shaunna-Leigh Henderson, Kirkholt
Mrs P Shaw, Milnrow
T Cryer, Burdett Avenue
Mrs Sandliands, Rooley Moor
Anthony Thompson, RAFC
Julie Crawford, Bamford
Mr Rowe, Chadderton
Samantha Harter, c/o Agent
Mrs A Barlow, Falinge
Mrs B Lewtes, Edenfield
Miss S Smith, Rochdale
Mrs Clarke, Heywood
Shelley Beaumont, Norden
Christine Rushton, Chadderton
Carol Murray, Middleton
Agents Prize
Stacey Harrop (Marland), Dan Lord (Chadderton)


Rochdale FC Development Association.    

Registered with The Gambling Commission,   
Licence No: 000-004777-N-3072128-002.   
Please gamble responsibly. No under 16s. 
For more information or help with any gambling problems, please visit or

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