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Youth Team: Holland Day 5

1 August 2015

Day five in Holland - brought to you by Alistair Linden, the club's Education Officer...

Which Premier League team plays at the highest altitude? No Googling now!  I’ll reveal the answer at the end.

This was one of the questions our intrepid band of sporting heroes faced in today’s big team quiz. None of the 5 teams competing got the right answer. In fact none of the teams got many right answers at all.

Answers to such questions as which river flows through Vienna and what are the hills sometimes called the backbone of England, saw the Seine and Alps as answers. It’s enough to make you weep!

The squad will blame the bike ride they had been on prior to the quiz as an excuse. In fact because today was our first match the lads had a lot of free time to fill hence the bike ride, quiz and swimming.

We also introduced a new element to today’s morning briefing called Chris Brown’s Interesting Fact. Following the first few days when Chris has been bemused by several everyday occurrences he suddenly announced that St Michielsgetel is home to the World’s most renowned Language College. Running courses that cost £9000 for a week, and has had Prince Andrew and Edward through its hallowed halls.

To say we were stunned was an understatement. He then ruined his new found gift for encyclopaedic dispensing facts by contributing nothing to his teams quiz answers. In fact the god of quizzes turned out to be Callum (TinTin) Roberts has stored away and immense catalogue of rubbish in his head.

Tomorrow will be a rest day after today’s epic victory in Dordrecht. Thanks to Ian Wolfenden and his 3 pals for coming down from Amsterdam to cheer on Dale’s Youth Team.  Tomorrow is a rest day, to ease aches and mend strains, so another quiz might be included. By the way the answer is West Bromwich Albion!

Bedanke en goede nacht

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