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Club News

Golbond Results Week 50

7 January 2014

Play the Goldbond Lottery!
You'll get 14 chances to win one of our 43 cash prizes each week. There's also a chance to win one of five pairs of match tickets too!
To join - give us a ring on 0844 826 1907 (option 3) and we will arrange a collector to call at your house or we'll set up a standing order.

This week's Jackpot accumulator NOT won - the jackpot rolls over to £1,250 next week!

Dawn Cleworth, Hollins
Tracey Campbell, Heywood
Mr Heys, Wardle
Mr P Morrison, Milnrow
Miss D Risby, Rochdale
Ian Barber, Syke
Mrs R Malley, Bamford
Mr S Szelesi, Whitworth
Mr Wilkinson, Shawclough
Miss C Moseley, Wardle
Mrs McCaffrey, Bamford
Mrs Wallwork, Heywood
Mr N Sharrocks, Milnrow
Peter Vincente, RAFC
Mr H Jones, Marland
Julie Herrigan, Kirkholt
Mr Ben Swain, Syke
Bryan Fielden, Waterfoot
I Muircroft, Wallbank
Mrs J Rickards, Wardle
M Brierly, Rochdale
Mr W Robinson, Whitworth
Mr M Howson, Castleton
K Robinson, JP Travel
Mr/Mrs Sutton, Castleton
Mr G Hibbertson, Norden
Mr J L Whitworth, Rochdale
Mrs Sykes, Newhey
Mrs Ollerton, Hamer
Mr C Nagi, c/o Agent
Mr W McCarthy, Heywood
Mr Tucker, Spotland
Mr J Bearshaw, Bamford
Mrs C Booth, Heywood
Mrs Hope, Littleborough
Christine Jessop, Milnrow
Mrs J Wilkinson, Marland
Mr Hilton, Heywood
Mr J Yates, Langley
Mr Bagshaw, Rochdale
Mrs S Robinson, Kirkholt
Werner Pizelis, Smithybridge
Match Ticket Winners
Mrs A Bennett, Castleton
Mr P Hill, Milnrow
Anon, Newhey
Mrs Horridge, Castleton
Mrs Moran, Milnrow
Agents Prize
Matthew Bottomley (Shawclough), Anna Qosja (Heywood)

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