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Agents' Feedback - November 2018

Agents’ Feedback - November 13th 2018

Thank you to everybody who attended the recent Goldbond Agents Meeting.

Over 50 Agents were in attendance and met with our new Lottery Managers – Total Gaming Solutions. 

Below is feedback from the evening…

What is important to you as an Agent?

  • Communication between people
  • More training on the sheet
  • Season tickets books (discounts)
  • Christmas party for the Agents
  • Commission when raising cash for the club
  • Supplying customers with winnings
  • Keeping the customers that I have happy
  • Having weekly interaction seeing customers
  • Helping Rochdale AFC make money as well as the Agent
  • Appreciation
  • Happy Customers
  • Keeping up a good name for our club in the community
  • Maintaining round to the best of their ability
  • Increasing members
  • Friendliness – people actually like to talk face to face especially O.A.Ps
  • Keeping people informed with any new information about our Club

Do you have any new ideas or ways for improvement?

  • More family days
  • Links with primary schools
  • Visits from the players
  • Tickets for special evening meals
  • Supplying Goldbond coats for the Agents to look professional
  • ID badges
  • More £5.00 winners to keep members happy
  • Purchase on matchdays through the club shop
  • More canvasing 
  • Changing the look of the ticket
  • Direct debit options
  • Changes to prizes
  •  Not to anger members
  • Consult agents on key decisions
  • Inform members of change
  • Better marketing (promo offers)
  • More meetings like the last one
  • Advertising around the grounds and media

Do you have any worries or concerns?

  • Not enough advertising to get the customers in
  • Losing season ticket book
  • Sheets not updated for the following week if a member has cancelled (still on the sheet) for the next round
  • Have we got enough Agents? 
  • Losing customers
  • Being kept in the dark
  • Accurate updating of members who have paid in advance
  • Members loss due to direct debit or Agents position lost
  • We don’t get out in the community to market the club

Other comments / questions

  • Result sheets still to be printed but in local press not just on the website
  • Agents need a book of direct debit forms to have with them   
  • Happy to try and recruit onto direct debit with a letter/ note as assistance for me as an agent
  • Don’t give money to third party
  • If elderly member converts to direct debit, then they will not be able to access the results
  • We will try our best
  • When given a new round show the agents how to fill in the sheet  
  • If things are beneficial to the club then let’s do it!



How is Goldbond currently doing and how does this compare to previous years?

The Goldbond has seen a 5% decline year on year over a sustained number of years. If the Goldbond continues with this decline in another 5 years the Goldbond will no longer be profitable.

The Club are trying to adapt to changes necessary to ensure the Goldbond survives and remains profitable and operates within the laws laid down by the Gambling Commission.


Why have the club opted to go with Total Gaming Solutions and how will this benefit the club in comparison to what we currently offer?

A number of candidates were interviewed to fulfil the role of Lotteries Manager. However, the most cost effective and satisfying approach by the Club was to appoint Total Gaming Solutions to manage the RAFC Lottery.

Total Gaming Solutions are highly regarded specialists in the field of lotteries management and understand the complexities, rules and regulations of running a legal lottery.

The decision was based on a reputable company who are already working with a number of other EFL clubs.


What is the problem with members being put in the draw and money collected after?

It is illegal for any member who has not paid to be entered into the draw. Members who miss a payment will no longer be entered into the draw.

If the member wishes to pay arrears for the week they have missed, the money will be entered into the Tower Lotteries system and the next time they miss a payment, this money will be used to enter them into the draw.


Is there a push to get all members on Direct Debit?

There will be a push to encourage members to sign up to Direct Debit but the Club recognises that this will not be practical for all members. For those members and agents who still wish to collect / pay by cash then this will continue.

Due to the difficulty in recruiting agents, reducing the number of missed payments and to attract a new generation of members, a Direct Debit membership is a new method to help recruit and retain members. The Agent will still receive commission for any customer that moves to paying by Direct Debit.

The UK is becoming a cashless society. Cards now account for more than half of all retail purchases and contactless payments have soared in the UK in 2018, especially with young people.


Does Goldbond have a future at the club?

Yes. The Goldbond has always been a vital income stream to Rochdale Football Club and will continue to be.

By adapting to changes regarding payment and creating new ways to play (e.g. scratch cards) and improve the way we market our lottery will help it to grow and thrive.


Agents Coats

The club is unable to provide coats free of charge to all Agents. The club wishes to apologise that Agents were previously mis-promised these.

However, moving forwards, Agents will be able to pre-order a coat and pay for this at cost price for the 2019/20 season.

Please note: There is a 12-week lead time for orders, so it makes sense to order coats to tie in with the new season and new range.


Will Agents Still Receive a Discounted Season Ticket?

Yes – Agents who collect strictly over 50 members will still be entitled to a discounted season ticket for the 2019/20 season.



All Agents are invited to a catch-up meeting as guests of the Club for the Checkatrade Trophy fixture v Oldham Athletic on Wednesday 05 December from 5.30pm onwards in the Bamford Lounge. Light refreshments and a complimentary ticket to the game will be provided.

Please note: This game has an earlier kick-off time of 7pm.